Nutcrackers made in west germany

Steinbach nutcrackers worlds best nutcrackers, hand. This santa nutcracker is covered in genuine swarovski crystals and is part of a new generation of nutcrackers made in germany by the respected erzgebirge firm, kwo. The most common nutcracker is the in the form of a wooden soldier, which weve had for about 200 years now. If you are looking in other areas of germany, kathe wohlfahrt stores are christmas yearround and everything is made in germany.

The nutcrackers were placed on dining tables to serve as a fun and entertaining center of conversation while diners awaited their final course. Enjoy see more ideas about vintage, german nutcrackers and collection. Steinbach collectible nutcracker immigrant made in west germany. Our steinbach and christian ulbricht nutcrackers are timeless treasures perfect for a gift or to add to your home or collection.

This is a great gift idea for christmas gift giving. The authentic german beer stein has a lid that is complimentary to the design on the body of the stein. Nutcracker vintage wooden soldier made in german democratic republic. The german erzgebirge ore mountains is a mountain range in eastern germany. It says that its handmade in west germany which obviously doesnt exist anymore. They are handpainted using bright colors and they come in different sizes. Outside germany particularly in the united states the nutcracker has many collectors and enthusiast and the steinbach nutcrackers are the most popular among them. Tchaikovskys popular 1882 ballet the nutcracker made these toys a worldwide symbol of the childhood magic of christmas, but woodcarved nutcracker figurines date back to at least the fifteenth century as a large cottage industry in forested rural areas of germany.

Vintage german nutcracker by erzgebirge, made in germany. Many limited edition nutcrackers are available please see the product description for details. The most popular origin story of nutcrackers in germany is that a wealthy farmer wanted to improve his productivity and was frustrated by the slow process of shelling nuts and offered a reward for the best solution. Dollhouse nutcracker german toy dolls house wood 1 12 scale miniature mforminiatures 5 out of 5 stars. He is signed, dated, and has the junghaenel burnt trademark on the base of the nutcracker. West german nutcracker christian ulbright baseball player holzkunst nutcracker dimensions 15 tall x 5 in diameter at the widest point this hand crafted figurine of a baseball player was made in west germany and designed by christian ulbright. Steinbachs main factory and headquarters is located in marienberg, in the erzgebirge region of saxony in germany. If you look at the stein and something appears to be amiss, it probably is a fake. Vintage holzkunst christian ulbricht baker chief nutcracker made in west germany. Steinbachgerman nutcrackers, steinbach nutcrackers, steinbach nutcracker, smokers, chubbys, minis, ornaments, herr christian steinbach, german nutcrackers. Holzkunst christian ulbricht nutcracker, handmade in west. German nutcrackers authentic nutcrackers from germany. This handmade nutcracker represents a cadet of the united states military academy at west point, new york.

German nutcrackers every nutcracker we carry is a real german nutcracker from erzgebirge by chrrisian ulbricht or steinbach. Hallmark keepsake 2019 year dated a a christmas story ralphie gets a gift pink bunny. Every family should have at least one handcrafted traditional german nutcracker. The ulbricht family roots can be traced back to the 17 th century. Traditional nutcrackers can be found all over germany, but especially in the erzgebirge region. This shills hussar is just one of several traditional nutcracker designs by the respected firm of kunstgewerbewerkstatten olbernhau gmbh, better known simply as kwo. The german author jacob grimm 17851865 described nutcrackers as idols that are made to exorcize evil spirits. We became good friends with the junghanel family and decided to offer their product for sale in the united states. The way the lid is fastened and opens is another clue. Beautiful handmade angels from east and west germany found an enthusiastic audience in america. Retired steinbach nutcracker designs these steinbach nutrackers do come with west germany stamp and hangtag due to the long and returning wishlist for very old steinbach nutcrackers we do have now a new section which focus only on very old and retired pieces. Of impact force, pressure, slingshots and cracking nuts. These are highly decorated and detailed in most cases. German steins german beer steins, beer boots, german.

The popularity of nutcrackers is in part due to their whimsical and interesting design. Steinbach nutcrackers are perhaps the most recognized of all hand crafted nutcrackers produced in germany and are collected by thousands in the united states and around the world. Many wooden toy soldier nutcrackers are made in the erzgebirge where is the. Nutcrackers have always been enjoyed for their whimsical expressions. These pieces are at least 15 years old some of them even 20 years of age all are labeled with the westgermany stamp and do. Etch their names in glass for a special occasion and forge their legacy forever in a trusty drinking tool for which every true german beams with pride.

Nutcracker from west germany in 1988 and he is 14 12 tall. These pieces are at least 15 years old some of them even 20 years o. The legend says that a nutcracker represents power and strength and serves like a trusty watch dog guarding your family from evil spirits and danger. Best place to buy authentic german nutcrackers rick. New listingvintage christian ulbricht chimney sweep smoker 10 inches made in west germany. Wooden nutcrackers made primarily for decorative purposes entered the avenue to fame in the 18 th century.

While serving in beautiful germany we ordered hand carved nutcrackers to add to our collection. Musical clockmaker christmas wood nutcracker made w germany ebay. Kg we are one of the biggest manufacturer of original erzgebirge folk art. History of german nutcrackers get a nutcracker for your home. Herr steinbach and daughter karla, make many public appearances at special events and at collectible shows. This santa nutcracker is covered in genuine swarovski crystals and is part of a new generation of nutcrackers made. Money back guarantee ensures you receive the item you ordered or get your money back. You might ask yourself why steinbach nutcrackers are the most popular ones among collectors. Christian ulbricht handcrafted in germany since 1928 home history craft. Ornativity nutcrackers hanging ornament figures christmas mini wooden king and soldier nutcracker ornativity. Clean and intact, with bright colors and intact label. A good nutcracker could be made from up to carefully assembled. Putting a twist on tradition, hollywood nutcrackers is a collection of whimsical nutcrackers designed by holly adler that feature a variety of designs that put a unique, vibrant, memorable twist on. Vintage large erzgebirge santa claus wood nutcracker german w.

The christmas tree he carries fully slides out of his hand. Wood nutcrackers in germany have been in use since the 14th or 15th. Earn your keep as your friends and familys best gift giver. Another factory was then created in eastern germany in addition to the existing one in the west. Wood nutcrackers in germany have been in use since the 14th or 15th century. German chistmas nutcracker from the erzgebirge ore mountains in lovingly handmade from the traditional manufactory hodrewa dieter legler in rothenthal, a district of olbernhau in christmas region in the ore mountains.

Most of these nutcrackers have been signed by the previous family owner, karla steinbach. Nm the history of nutcrackers leavenworth nutcracker museum. For over 200 years we have maintained longstanding tradition, passion for detail, creativity and finest materials in our worldfamous nutcrackers. Side trips to strasbourg, france and salzburg and vienna, austria. Steinbach collectible nutcracker immigrant made in.

They included a catalog in the box of other products, but it is written in german. Engraved personalized beer mugs, steins, and glasses. The line was expanded with glass ornaments from czechoslovakia, hanging ceiling decorations from germany, and miniature lights from italy. This impressive example features a royal figure with crown and sword, holding a golden imperial orb, or globus cruciger, in his right hand. The steinbach family made their fortune mining, but their legacy is in. Kurt adler hollywood night stars nutcracker, 19inch kurt adler. Get the best deals on german nutcracker when you shop the largest.

This nutcracker has been a part of her home for as long as i can remember. Steinbach king german nutcracker for my son robb born in germany nutcracker. In bavaria oberammergau the skilled craftsmen carved nutcrackers with oriental motives while in south tyrol, nowadays a german speaking northern province of italy, funny nutcrackers. Unfollow nutcrackers made in germany to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Simply steinbach christmas nutcracker german nutcrackers. In legend, the nutcracker possessed miraculous powers, bringing good fortune and protection from evil spirits. Explore our diversity and enjoy our products, because. According to tradition, nutcrackers represent strength and power, and they are symbols of good luck and goodwill. German nutcrackers from the erzgebirge region of germany are sought by collectors all over the world. A fierce protector, the nutcracker bares its teeth to the evil spirits and serves as the traditional messenger of good luck and goodwill. Each nutcracker is personally made by hanno junghaenel in germany. Especially if one looks at a worldwide perspective this is an interesting fact. War ii until the wall between east and west germany came down in 1989. Best place to buy authentic german nutcrackers rick steves.

Vintage east german ddr nutcracker soldier erzgebirgische volkskunst expertic decoration. Kathe wohlfahrt online shop nutcrackers nutcracker in. The stamp underneath reads original steinbach volkskunst aus hohenhameln from west germany. Long before the first christian ulbricht nutcrackers were designed the ulbricht family lived in the german erzgebirge until the end of world war ii. Nutcrackers red accents making out natural wood black boots germany 1970s vintage collection made out of natural wood, he has red accents and staff. Standing wooden nutcrackers in the form of soldiers and kings were shown in the sonneberg and erzgebirge regions of germany by 1800 and in 1830, the term nussknacker appeared in the dictionary of the brothers grim.

The more elaborate their decorations, the stronger their powers. Original steinbach volkskunst aus hohenhameln toymaker nutcracker no. Nov 18, 2016 vintage holzkunst christian ulbricht santa skier nutcracker made in west germany. This region, located on the eastern side of germany, is mountainous hence the. Originally, christmas nutcrackers were made in erzgebirge which is a mountainous region in germany and were designed to symbolize the upper class, military personnel, and other high authority figures in germany. These nutcrackers portray a person with a large mouth which the. New ownership of this wellknown firm occurred in 2016. Nutcrackers are a huge part of christmas decorating. Build your familys traditions with that perfect one today. Read on to learn more about the history of the nutcracker and how they evolved into todays form. German made nutcrackers are figurines or wooden dolls traditionally made to resemble toy soldiers, royalties, miners, and tradesmen. The leavenworth nutcracker museum shows an 1880 miner of wilhelm fuchtner along with a miner presently made in the fuchtner family workshops.

Holzknackl nutcracker vtg wooden original from the rothenburger. Christmas nutcrackers made in germany wooden nutcracker. At one time, nutcrackers were actually made of metals such as brass, and it was not until the 1800s in germany that the popularity of wooden ones began to spread. Over the past 10 years, kurt adlers hollywood nutcrackers collection has been some of the most highly soughtafter, popular items. Our business started in 1999 when we finally came home after 27 years of active army service.

Holzkunst christian ulbricht nutcracker, handmade in west germany. However, nutcracking devices have had a longstemming evolution for a few thousand years. June 2018 newsletter leavenworth nutcracker museum. According to german folklore, steinbach nutcrackers were given as keepsakes to bring good luck to your family and protect your home. The erzgebirge region in germany has become very popular and world known for its creation of beautiful and whimsical nutcrackers, smoker men, christmas pyramids and candle arches. Steinbach handmade german bird hunter nutcracker with box. Buy beautiful and authentic german christmas nutcrackers the exclusive online shop for premium handcrafts made in germany.

I would highly recommend nutcrackers from this manufacturer. Apr 15, 2016 these nutcrackers are a good friend of mines collection. The family now lives in hohenhameln just north of the beautiful harz mountains. The most effective and longlasting nutcrackers are made with a solid metal plate and a rubber cap.

Another reason that the erzgebirge nutcrackers have become so popular is that in 1949, after the german democratic republic was founded and operated from west germany, many manufacturers left the erzgebirge region. Today many wooden toy soldier nutcrackers are manufactured in germany to meet the demands of the many collectors in the united states. Ive been looking for a nutcracker that is made in germany and not in china. Nutcrackers in the form of wood carvings of a soldier, knight, king, or other profession have existed since at least the 15th century. The classical german erzgebirge nutcracker has a grim look and a big angry mouth.

Karolin steinbach at christmas treasures september 2010. The hangtag reads steinbach pralent volkskunst aus hohenhameln holzgalanterie made in germany. This is the real deal in hand made german hardwood nutcrackers. Produced for generations by skilled german woodcrafters, the first authoritarian nutcracker figures were created by commoners as a. Sue collected them over a number of yearsfrom the late 1970s through the 1980. Large vintage volkmar matthes wood nutcracker west germany 17 german nutcracker matthes bavarian 9. For generations steinbach has brought joy and pleasure to collectors from around the. See more ideas about vintage, german nutcrackers and red and white flag. Im trying to research him though and cant seem to find him listed anywhere. The name steinbach is recognized all over the world for the unique design of their wood carved steinbach nutcracker. In bavaria oberammergau the skilled craftsmen carved nutcrackers with oriental motives while in south tyrol, nowadays a german speaking northern province of italy, funny nutcrackers simply to enjoy the people were crafted. These traditional german nutcrackers were made in seiffen germany, in the erzgebirge mountains where the wooden nutcracker was first made back in 1872.

Grower german wood christmas nutcracker made in germany. Frieburg, munich, up the romantic road to rothenberg, heidleburg. German nutcrackers really crack nuts 100% handmade. These are the roots of all the wonderful nutcrackers, incense smokers, christmas pyramids and light arches schwibbogen from the german erzgebirge. It ships from germany so no free shipping and the ship time estimates were very long though i got it in 10 days. The ulbricht family lived in the german erzgebirge until the end of world war ii. Figurative nutcrackers are a good luck symbol in germany, and a folktale recounts that a puppetmaker won a nutcracking challenge by creating a doll with a mouth for a lever to crack the nuts.

Retiredsteinbach nutcracker designs these steinbach nutrackers do come withwestgermany stamp and hangtag due to the long and returning wishlist for very old steinbach nutcrackers we do have now a new section which focus only on very old and retired pieces. Nutcrackers carry with them a sense of tradition as well as an. Towns like seiffen and annabergbuchholz are full of authentic nutcrackers. New listing antique hand carved bavarian nut cracker wood wooden. Humpty dumpty steinbach german nutcracker s857 limited edition. However, nutcrackers also possess a rich history that goes back about 300 years. Do you know any information about this particular nutcracker. This nutcracker is made by the legendary steinbach company. Looking for wonderful shops to find locally made christmas ornamentsdecorations especially german nutcrackers or smo. Germany made mostly of wood, but with fur hair, bristles in the brushes and a fabric cushion, this is a wellcrafted piece. Germanmade nutcrackers are figurines or wooden dolls traditionally made to resemble toy soldiers, royalties, miners, and tradesmen. Steinbach nutcrackers world famous made in germany. Christian ulbricht santa skier nutcracker made in west germany.

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