Ecg paper for mac 5000 user

The ge mac 5000 provides the sophistication required for advanced ecg applications while its ease of use extends this degree of performance to the broadest. For information about this product or its accessories, please call 8885996641. Ecg paper for mac 6, mac 8, mac 12, mac 15, mac 5000,mac. Ge marquette ekgecg paper master medical equipment. Mac 5000 resting ecg analysis system operators manual. In addition, the mac 5000 can be configured both as a 12lead and 15lead ecg. View and download ge healthcare mac 5500 operators manual online. Community forums for ge healthcare marquette mac 5000 relating to paper error paper jam on medwrench. Maintenance setting the correct paper size the mac system can accommodate standard us letter and a4 fanfold thermal ecg paper. One of our customer service representatives is eager to assist you.

The ge mac 50005500 system offers exercise testing and resting diagnostic readings simultaneously. Therefore, it is not necessary to remove the ecg electrodes prior to defibrillation. The mac 5000 is the first ecg system to also offer full stress testing along with resting ecg. To ensure that the paper feeds correctly, you must adjust the paper guide open the mac writer drawer. View and download ge mac 5000 operators manual online. Mac, mac 1200, mac 5000, mac 5000st, mac vu, max1, max personal, and. Ge mac 50005500 accessories davis medical electronics. Mac 5000 resting ecg analysis system diamedical usa. Enabling you to make faster, more informed cardiac care decisions. Ge marquette mac 5500 ecg premium thermal paper 9402024. Gehealthcare mac 5500 mac 5500hd restingecganalysissystem operatorsmanual softwareversion10 2046275016revisiona mac 5500 mac 5500hd restingecganalysissystem english. Marquette recording paper ecgekg for mac 5000 300package.

Mac 5000 resting ecg analysis system franks hospital workshop. Page 140 dialtone select the dialtone method used by your method telephone line. Mac 5500 ecg leadwires5500 ecg recording paper5500 ekg adapters. Ge marquette ecg paper, full page grid 2009828020 9402020 dmepap9402020. Ecg thermal printer paper, zfold, for the use of ge mac 5000 and mac 5500 ecg machines. Mac 5500 training video part 1 wingmemorialhospital. This is truly a one of a kind monitor, and is available at an unbeatable price. Paper error paper jam ge healthcare marquette mac 5000. Guide dutilisation pour les ecg ge healthcare mac 2000. The information in this manual only applies to mac 5000 system software version 007a. The patient signal input of the acquisition module is defibrillationproof. Marquette recording paper ecgekg for mac 5000 300package 5200017 precision charts inc. Ge healthcare mac 5500 operators manual pdf download.

Select option 2 to view white, yellow, and red screen elements. Press to open the system to change paper or the battery. Select option 1 to view white, green, 057a, 168a, yellow, and red screen elements. Ge mac 5000 operators manual pdf download manualslib. Health care providers appreciate that it can be configured to either 12 or 15 lead ecg and has pacemaker detection. Define the signal averaged ecg setup option select this function to define the hires and phires signal averaged ecg program options. Mac 5500 analytical instruments pdf manual download. Intended audience this manual is intended for the person who uses, maintains, or troubleshoots this equipment. Comes in 8 packs per case, each pack has 300 sheets. Mac 5000, ges premier ecg system, delivers advanced disease. Home products category ekg recording chart paper ecg paper for mac 6, mac 8, mac 12, mac 15, mac 5000, mac 5500, max 1, case 12, case 15, case 8000, macview, muse sku. The mac vu360 ecg was designed to be a workstation allowing you to access your muse and the patient medical history. In addition to ecg monitoring, this refurbished ge mac 5000 ekg offers exercise testing features.

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